Monday, November 25, 2019

Case study on Safeway Essays

Case study on Safeway Essays Case study on Safeway Essay Case study on Safeway Essay The name of my business that I have chosen for my case study is called Safeway. Safeway is one of the leading grocery retailers in the UK, with annual sales of around i 9 billion, 90,000 employees and nearly 480 stores nationwide. Their stores attract around 8 million shoppers every week. The type of my business is a public limited company. Safeway is in the tertiary sector because it purchases wholesale goods and sells them as a retail store. Originally Safeway was a US owned company called Safeway Food Stores Ltd. The parent company was Safeway Inc of California. Their first UK store was opened in Bedford in 1962. Over the next two decades the companys portfolio of stores rose to 133, establishing it as a serious player in the booming UK food retailing market. The business achieved steady growth until 1986 when it ranked as the 6th largest UK food retailer. Today (7th of January) you can buy a share of Safeway for i 2. 08. According to the Times Top 200 Companies it is the 80th in the biggest company in the UK with a market capacity of 2,914 million pounds. I am going to produce a case study which looks at how this company works and I have accessed their website which is www. safeway. com, contacted safe way and looked at materials published by them and by the top 100 companies index. Section 1 Safeway buys in bulk stock from farmers and manufactures or processes it and then sell the goods to the public. Safeways stated aim is to be the best at fresh food offering outstanding fresh foods of consistently high quality, sold in a stimulating and different way. They also aim to be best at availability, so customers can always find the products they want on the shelves. Safeways objectives are stated as 1. Focus on product and price Safeway will be recognised for offering great value and above all, great offers. 2. Best at fresh Safeway offer outstanding fresh foods of consistently high quality, sold in a stimulating and different way. The stores will have better lighting, improved layouts, wider assortment, and a real sense of abundance in merchandising as well as more colours. 3. Best at availability Safeway will be first for availability at all times. Our goal is that our customers will always find the product they want to buy on our shelves whenever they want it. 4. Best at customer service Safeway will offer the best all-round customer care in the sector. They have invested in increased store staffing and better training. Safeways mission statement is to sell food product at low prices. I think that despite what Safeway says, its main aims are to make a profit, and get a bigger market share. I dont know if they have an environmental policy on foods, but they do not on packaging. The board of directors are in charge of writing the aims of the business. They can decide to change the aims at their meetings. They will change the aims if targets have not been met, the company has already met its aim and need new ones; competitors are affecting the business or the government is changing the law. One of the main reasons that they check the business so that it runs well. The objectives change according to the competition they have from other companies like Tesco and ASDA, for prices, number of goods side etc.

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